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About us

With extensive knowledge of the industry, a competent team and many years of experience, we can confidently call ourselves experts in the field of work in the steel industry. 

Our team

ATN Service ApS was founded in 2015 by Allan Trip Nielsen.

The team consists of Mogens Falkesgaard Hansen, Ewelina Kibort, and Allan Trip Nielsen.

Mogens and Allan are located at the headquarters in Brande, while Ewelina is at the Polish branch in Gdansk.

Allan Trip Nielsen

Allan Trip Nielsen


ATN Service ApS was founded in 2015 by Allan Trip Nielsen. Allan is a trained welder and welding coordinator, bringing extensive experience in the steel industry from his years as a production manager. Additionally, Allan is the owner of the steel company VN Steel. In his personal life, Allan is a family man with three children, married, enjoys playing golf, and has always been actively involved in community associations.

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Ewelina Kibort

Recruitment Consultant/Department Manager

Ewelina is a resident and native of Poland. She speaks fluent English after thirteen years of residence in England. She has previously worked in the hotel industry, held administrative positions with the police, worked as an office assistant, and served as a support person for children with special needs. Ewelina states, "I love working with people, and I am proud to collaborate with a strong team that is dedicated to delivering the best to our partners."

Mogens Hansen

Mogens Falkesgaard Hansen

Operation Manager

Mogens maintains contact with all our partners. He was born, raised, and resides in the western Jutland region. He speaks German, English, and Danish. Over the last 15 years, Mogens has held leadership positions in the public sector within the education system, providing him with significant experience in personnel recruitment and management. He also has prior experience as a welder and holds 8 years of expertise as an auditor assistant. Mogens emphasizes, "It is crucial that everyone experiences an honest and professional collaboration, where a WIN-WIN-WIN is achieved for partners, employees, and ATN Service ApS. We strive to identify individual solutions for the challenges our partners face. We are always ready for open dialogues."

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Zofia Czaplińska

Recruitment Consultant

Zofia is a recruitment consultant in our Polish department in Gdansk. With several years of experience in HR, we are confident that Zofia's expertise and commitment will add great value to our team. Her ability to communicate fluently in both English and Polish makes her a resourceful and versatile addition to our team. Zofia states: "It is said that people are afraid to leave their comfort zone, because every change takes a person from a master's level down to a beginner's level. Changing my career path to HR and talent acquisition allowed me to understand that following my passion is a true satisfaction in life. I am grateful for the development opportunity provided to me by the entire ATN team."

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Anna Łobażewicz

Recruitment Consultant

Anna is a recruitment consultant in our Polish department in Gdansk. She speaks fluent Polish and English. Previously, she worked for several years as a recruitment and HR specialist in an international company in Holland. Anna states, "I love working with people and am excited to be a part of ATN Service Aps."

We are experts in the field

Let us make sure to find the right match between company and worker.

Our values 


We care about good dialogue with our business partners. We believe that successful cooperation is achieved through good communication, which is the main reason why dialogue is highly valued at ATN Service ApS. We want our business partners to always be able to contact us.


A deal is a deal. Good cooperation between both business partners and candidates is based on meeting contracts on time - every time. This is due to the fact that we are always honest with each other in the dialogue with contractors and candidates.

Professional cooperation

At ATN Service ApS, good dialogue and honesty lead to professional cooperation. Professional service for both partners and candidates is very important to us, because we want the cooperation to last for many years. For the same reason, it is the core value for ATN Service ApS.

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