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About us

With extensive knowledge of the industry, a competent team and many years of experience, we can confidently call ourselves experts in the field of work in the steel industry. 

Our team

ATN Service ApS was founded in 2015 by Allan Trip Nielsen. Allan is an educated blacksmith and welding coordinator. Today, he is the proud owner of his own company, VN STEEL and ATN Service ApS. Thanks to many years of hard work in individual positions, Allan has extensive experience in the steel industry.Privately Allan is the father of three children, hapilly married. Likes to plays golf, has always been associated with the life of the association. 

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Iwona Irena Saga

Iwona is our recruiter who was born and raised in Poland but lives in Denmark. Iwona speaks Danish, English and Polish. Since 2016, she has been dealing with the recruitment and care of staff and related administrative tasks. Iwona states: “My goal is to find the best candidates for the tasks that our clients give us. This strengthens and develops my motivation to solve challenges faced by our clients.” I am very committed and interested in ensuring that both candidates and partners cooperation runs smoothly."

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Ewelina Kibort

Ewelina is our recruiter who was born and lives in Poland, although she also lived in the UK for 13 years. Ewelina speaks fluent English and of course Polish. Ewelina is our recruiter, coordinator and deals with administrative work as well. Previously, she also worked in the hotel industry, was an administrative employee and was a person supporting children with special needs. Ewelina states: "I love working with people and I am proud to work in a strong team of people that is focused on effective work that meets the expectations of both clients and employees."

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Mogens Falkesgaard Hansen

Mogens is our operation manager who contacts all our business partners. He was born, raised and lives in West Jutland. He speaks German, English and Danish. For the past 15 years, Mogens has been a leader in the public sector in the school system, and therefore has extensive experience with staff recruitment and staff care. He has previously worked for a short period as a welder. In addition, he has 8 years' experience as an accountant's assistant. Mogens states: "It is important that everyone experiences an honest and professional collaboration, where a WIN-WIN-WIN is experienced for all, business partners, employees and ATN Service ApS. We work hard to find the individual solutions to the challenges which our business partners stand in. We are always ready to have an open dialog."

We are experts in the field

Let us make sure to find the right match between company and worker.

Our values 


We care about good dialogue with our business partners. We believe that successful cooperation is achieved through good communication, which is the main reason why dialogue is highly valued at ATN Service ApS. We want our business partners to always be able to contact us.


A deal is a deal. Good cooperation between both business partners and candidates is based on meeting contracts on time - every time. This is due to the fact that we are always honest with each other in the dialogue with contractors and candidates.

Professional cooperation

At ATN Service ApS, good dialogue and honesty lead to professional cooperation. Professional service for both partners and candidates is very important to us, because we want the cooperation to last for many years. For the same reason, it is the core value for ATN Service ApS.

Contact us

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us. We are ready to take the phone or answer your questions by email.